I’ve been dying to paint one of these beauties that are blooming all over the place right now. And it was a good call, as the painting already found a good home.

Meanwhile I’m preparing for my book signing on Sunday at Mock and More and just in general trying to stay in good spirits, though sometimes it’s quite challenging. I’m having a lot of anxiety about a lot of things, things such as my upcoming travels, where my anxiety is not just about the pandemic and how it affects travel, but the emotional upheaval of a trip that is long overdue.

Trying to somehow get my life in order and regain a feeling of control, I scrubbed and reseasoned my cast iron skillet, and ordered a new iPhone that takes better pictures. It will arrive in a few days and I fully anticipate being scared of it and leaving it in its box for a while. But eventually I will get it out and hopefully find that it’s worth it.

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