Year of the Ox Stamp

Today I picked up some beautiful Year of the Ox stamps at the post office. Remember when I painted the Year of the Rat stamp last year? I had to paint the Year of the Ox too and meditate on the fact that perhaps this is not the year I had hoped for after the strange Year of the Rat. This is not yet truly fun and doesn’t yet feel light and happy – it certainly didn’t during the Full Moon in Scorpio, which had me in a pretty dark introspective mood for days. The Year of the Ox is about work, about carrying our burdens, methodically, patiently, and without complaining. But, much as this still feels heavy, it leads us to something good. The Year of the Tiger, 2022, is the one that will ring in the Roaring Twenties. Though of course, in a gesture of supreme hopefulness, I’m planning a secret 20s themed gathering for my most exclusive (fully vaccinated) group of collectors.

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