Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter, 18×39 inches, acrylic on linen. $1,000

Today I did a live painting session from here at the Castle. My aunt wasn’t here to watch me, but my friends watched me all the way from Texas. One of them invariably sees hearts in abstract art. Can you find the heart in this painting?

It was legitimately hot today. The morning was sunny and beautiful. I sat outside with the cats drinking my coffee and eating cheap but delicious sunflower halwa I bought from the corner store.

I finished the third draft of my manuscript but am not sure I like the ending.

In the evening I was rummaging around. I do this a lot, and the big house offers up its secrets, hidden in closets and drawers. But tonight I noticed a drawer I had never investigated before. I didn’t know such a thing existed. Inside I found my oil paintings from when I was a teenager. I’ve only looked for them for twenty years. I might share some of them tomorrow.

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