Little Patches of Color

Yesterday, when I found my paintings from when I was 17, I texted a picture to my top collector, and she said I had a similar technique even then, using little patches of color. I like that she saw that!

Today I had a really nice day. My aunts came and fussed over me. I needed it because I had a toothache and was in a little bit of a mood. I get that way sometimes. My older aunt gave me a pill that made the toothache stop. She told me to go take a nap. My younger aunt brought treats from her house, a special salad and a sweet pudding one makes to commemorate the dead.

The aunts sat outside while I napped. In her room, the old lizard was eating her lunch and I could hear her spoon clink against her porcelain cup. Sometimes I really like being half asleep and knowing people I like are nearby, even hearing the occasional noise.

When I woke up I was in a happy mood, ready for Facebook Live. I made a painting with little patches of color.

After the aunts left, I went into the front yard and saw that a perfect red rose had bloomed. My ancient apricot tree had shed two apricots, and I washed and ate them. They were delicious.

And here are some of the paintings I found, the ones from 1995:

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