In Which We’re All Lizards

My friend sent me the cutest picture of Holly sleeping in her office with her two other dogs as well.

Meanwhile over here it’s very very hot, and we must all be lizards because we congregated outside under the grapevine. The air felt like an oven. We liked it. We all love summer, heat and all.

Tonight there’s a beautiful full moon and I’m sitting on my old lizard’s bed with the lights off and the window open trying to air out her room. Tomorrow we plan on taking the old lizard outside so she can sit with us under the grapevine too. Though maybe it will be too hot. Lizards, too, have their limits.

Right now, with the window open, I asked her if she wants to see the moon. She said she’s an old lady and has no use for such things. I said the moon was for all of us, old ladies included. Then she fell asleep.

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