Our Little Darling

We all love the little black cat with white whiskers that visits our yard. Even the aunt who claims not to care for cats calls for him and feeds him. We’ve graduated from setting out table scraps to buying actual cat food. Yes, we buy cat food of both the wet and dry variety and feed our little darling.

It’s still very hot. At some point we retreated inside. The Castle is not air conditioned but it’s built in such a smart way that it stays cool.

Fragrant roses keep blooming in the front yard. In the evening I like to cut some to keep in a vase in the living room. When I lie on the couch reading, I can smell them.

The younger aunt made a sour summer soup. It has green beans and zucchini in it, and is bright yellow from eggs and carrots. There are few things I love more than a sour summer soup. The lizard likes it too but she puts sugar in it. Sugar does not belong in the soup, but the lizard puts sugar in all her food. She keeps a giant tin of sugar on the table in her room. I’m so happy the aunts who take care of her understand her little quirks and that she gets to do as she pleases. She eats very well each day, everything coated in sugar and occasionally in thick sticky sweet mirabelle plum jam.

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