Practice Run

93/100 tiles done

And with it getting so close, I couldn’t help wanting to see what some of them look like together. I purposefully picked the most colorful mismatched ensemble, but there are so many combinations one can play with. I think tomorrow I’ll try to create an arrangement of tiles that all share very similar tones – just for contrast.

The installation will be up as of October 7th and I’m working hard to schedule a series of small intimate events where small groups of people can experience the installation. It’s easier to play if the gallery’s not full, also, we have to keep safety in mind. Speaking of safety, how about wearing these BCN Tiles masks to come see the BCN Tiles?

This is part of what I’d like people to be able to do when they come see these. I’d like to invite them to play, to mix and match, to create their own combinations.

I will start issuing invitations and taking appointments soon.

In other happy news, I finally went to see the Eastern Glades at Memorial Park today, and it was so lovely, such a good reminder that we all need nature, and that Houston is a beautiful city if one ventures out on a discovery mission from time to time.

Also, for those who expressed concern about Bartholomew, I’m happy to report he’s having a lovely time.

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