So Many Possibilities

96/100 tiles painted!!!

I’m enjoying the many possibilities that come with these fun versatile pieces. While yesterday’s arrangement was a fun and quirky colorful mix and match, today’s follows an understated yet powerful color theme of beige and gold. Look at these 9 pieces together! They could totally transform a room!

Also, yes, there is a mask – as well as other products – to go with today’s color theme.

And before I burst with excitement, let me tell you that my Galveston Walking Tour is up on this very website and you can book yours now – for Halloween week. I’ll start advertising these tours later in the week, but if you read the blog I wanted you to get first dibs.

I felt the need to be super productive today and get a lot of things sorted out and organized because Mercury Retrograde starts tonight, and while in terms of our relationships it will help us go deeper, it’s not always a great time for planning and technology. Now with the technical details out of the way, I can relax into this new phase, which can be a beautiful, spiritual one. Also, my tours are about exploring beyond the surface and forging a spiritual relationship with the Island, so Mercury Retrograde could be an excellent time to sign up for one!

Last but not least, I’m happy to report that Bartholomew the horsie continues to have himself a lovely time. And no, I do not want to ever give him back.

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