So Much Color!

Today I started installing the tiles. I have about 40 of them on the walls and it’s getting really colorful in here!

Perhaps I shouldn’t share quite so many pictures, save the mystery for the unveiling and all that, but I can’t help myself. Also, with Instagram being down for about 5 hours today, I had serious withdrawal symptoms and I’m not kidding one bit. Obviously, an app like that is not irreplaceable, but it’s fun! I do work hard to foster relationships that go beyond social media, which is why a good loyal handful of people read this blog as opposed to just scrolling through my feed, but as a rather reclusive person who doesn’t watch TV, I do like a visually pleasing distraction. I have fun curating my 3 accounts (@sandovici_art @biggestdogintheuniverse and @aimée.bonnard) and I have fun looking at some of the beautiful things others post. I see tons of travel and architecture pictures on Instagram (and sometimes I paint them), I follow artists I admire, I follow tons of people who post about books and I often end up reading and loving the books they post about, I follow historical fashion accounts that help me imagine how characters in my novels would dress, I follow about ten thousand English Pointers and a few rats, a page that posts food stuff (might need to unfollow if they start posting cookies for fall), and a few people who take pictures of herons. I often take screenshots of stuff I want to paint or books I want to read. I like to repost stuff that goes well with Aimée’s story (with permission and credit, of course). I like to post my own work and I like to run ads. Mostly, though, I love creating a patchwork of pictures I find pleasing.

Could I have gone on without it? You bet! But life would have been a bit less colorful, and I prefer more color.

Speaking of color, I had a nightmare in which John dyed Nancy’s fur dark red and then said it was my fault, that he had to dye her because she got dirty when I watched her during the storm. I actually had to go see Nancy today. She was her regular lovely color and very happy to see me.

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