Installation Continued

67 of the 100 tiles are hanging on the walls. By tomorrow I should have all of them up. I’ve hung most of them together as a colorful patchwork, but some I matched with art already on display, just to show how they can be integrated into existing collections.

I’m getting excited but also nervous. It seems like the biggest thing I’ll do all year, excepting, obviously the trip to Barcelona itself. I hope people will come. I hope they’ll have fun. I hope they’ll want the tiles and want to be part of this experience.

The project now strikes me as ambitious and a bit crazy. I mean, let’s face it, most ambitious things usually are kinda nuts, and as my gallery space is starting to resemble a giant colorful quilt, I’m alternately cracking up and freaking out about this whole idea. Why, oh, why am I so crazy? Obviously I wouldn’t want to be any other way, but some days it’s a tall order to live in my self-made colorful chaos. I think I might retire early with a good book.

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