The Way Things Used to Be

It rained this morning. I sat down to write, finally delving into my editor’s comments on the jazz age mystery and finding that I enjoy it a lot – though I am also overwhelmed the way I usually feel at this stage of editing a book.

In the afternoon the sun was out and I took the dog to the beach, then to her vet for her yearly shots. Now we are both vaccinated!

In the evening, my friend and I walked around then sat on the front stoop talking about Island history.

And life seemed beautiful and simple – the way it used to be back when I actually lived here, when I just went about doing normal everyday things yet through it all enjoying the sweetness of this place, the way the air sometimes smells salty, the whistles of grackles, the purple flowers on the beach.

I also had a few more ideas for the walking tours. And meanwhile in Houston, my BCN Tiles are getting some press.

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