Beautiful weather on the Island today. Farmers’ market, long dog walk on the beach, some pleasant loitering downtown, visiting the pelicans at sunset. It was the most pleasant day, and yet there was this undercurrent of sadness: Tomorrow it’s already November. The past few months seem to have raced by in a hurry. Tomorrow, also, I have to get back to Houston, to my everyday life and all its little and not so little mundane concerns. I’ll miss the Island and my friend and this little cottage and Boss the neighborhood dog who sort of terrorized me by jumping the fence whenever he felt like it, but whom I’ve grown attached to. I’ll miss the horns of ships in the distance, the whistle of the streetcar, and just stepping outside into the Island air. Obviously I will come back, and I do feel that there’s a future in giving my Past and Present walking tours, but each time I have to leave this place I get very sad. Perhaps I should pay attention to that.

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