4 Canvas Seascape

This morning I watched Boss play with the kitten. The air was salty and grackles were whistling from the tree by my little cottage. They’d come to say goodbye. I really didn’t want to leave and I’m sure neither did Holly. Yet we returned to our normal life where all of our problems and conundrums were waiting. The problems and conundrums were packed inside 3 boxes on our front porch when we arrived. 3 boxes that were heavier than I’d bargained for, because the canvases I’d ordered are for some reason crazy heavy and so my plan to pack them in suitcases for Barcelona will probably not work. Oh well. Not to despair. I ordered wood panels to replace them, which are lighter (who would have thought?). They’ll arrive before Friday. In the meantime I had to do a practice run with the canvases. This is the kind of painting I want to bring to Barcelona. And here’s a video of me painting it.

Later in the afternoon my friend sent me some photos he took of my very first Galveston Past and Present walking tour on Saturday. I really love these! It seems surreal now that I was really in Galveston giving tours just two days ago. The whole experience was so magical! And yes, I totally plan to continue. Stay tuned for more pictures soon!

Meanwhile, here in Houston it’s crunch-time for the BCN Tiles. This is the last week the installation will be on display and I hope a lot of people will come see it. I stopped by John’s to pick up my copy of the article about me in The Leader. And of course I framed it for the gallery.

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