Hard Is Good?

Worked on another seascape today. Can’t decide. Keep going, add sea foam, or stop here? Y’all, these decisions are hard!!! Then again, should I be grateful for the difficult process? Does it mean I’m growing?

I remember four years ago when my life was very different I had started taking life drawing classes and I complained to an art friend that they were hard. She said, “Hard is good.” So maybe I should be grateful that making these abstract seascapes for the show in Barcelona is super hard, that it involves a lot of questioning myself, and that, although the process is so familiar the outcome is unpredictable and in some ways scary. I mean, what if I make a wrong decision and end up not liking the paintings? But you can’t really make decisions at all, you just kind of step out of the way and let the painting happen and that’s the hardest thing of all.

Here’s hoping the paintings end up looking and feeling complex and somehow profound. Is that too much to hope for?

Inser dark night of the soul here. Just kidding. Maybe.

Had a nice day overall. Saw a friend who moved away years ago but whom I miss and who I still resonate with. Sat outside on a beautiful night and had amazing food at DaGama, a new Indian Portuguese restaurant I’d been hoping to try for a while now.

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