Just Add Sea Foam

I did add sea foam to yesterday’s seascape and I love it very very much

I’m proud of myself for sleeping on this, but in the light of day I decided I wanted to add sea foam to the painting, so I did. A few more steps (glazing, wiring) and these paintings will be ready to pack. For someone who doesn’t like to prepare, I’m pretty well prepared, though I’m still having anxiety about the trip and pretty much about everything else.

The time changing and it getting dark so early definitely doesn’t help. I don’t love this time of year, though the weather has been mild and I’ve enjoyed long walks both with and without the dog. Still. It’s barely November and I miss summer desperately. Yes, hot and sweaty stifling summer – my favorite season of long days and fresh peaches and corn, of swimming in the ocean and insects buzzing in the trees at sunset. Where has all that gone? It now seems like a distant dream. The past few months have really flown by. I’ve been so busy – perhaps too busy. I think I need to look for ways to maximize the enjoyment in my days.

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