Good Days are Good

Some days are lovely. Today started off with a bit of yesterday’s anxiety lingering, but then things cleared up and several good things happened. I had a nice Skype with my dad and we’re both hopeful that we might might see each other next month after Barcelona – and that I might get to see my old lizard too. I spent the rest of the day doing the kind of slow yet soothing tasks I love best. Unfortunately these do not include cleaning my house, but oh well. I did cook beans I had soaked overnight. I love this ritual so much, and the beans always taste so much better than canned ones. While the beans were cooking, I spent some enjoyable hours matting and wrapping original watercolors and drawings to bring to the Winter Market at the Heights Woman’s Club this Sunday, an event I’m really looking forward to and which everyone is invited to (see details below).

I fussed over the Barcelona paintings a bit too, had two collectors stop by to get their Tiles, and later in the evening painted the little Paris café scene with dog in the image above. It’s inspired by @afireinparis on Instagram.

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