Friday Auction!

Heart of a Dog. 2018. 11×14 inches, acrylic with collage elements on paper. Abstract painting on the back (see picture below). Retail value $250, bidding starts at $75

As Christmas approaches, I will be auctioning off some smaller works and some works on paper – items you can easily give as gifts.

This piece from 2018 has a lot of fun elements going for it. The pictures of the models came from a 1960s fashion magazine a friend gave me. I went through a phase where I was fascinated with those as I was researching the 1960s portion of Storms of Malhado.

The heart is an actual rendering of the heart of a dog. I went through a phase of painting anatomical hearts of favorite animals at the time. The heart is actually painted in acrylic on paper, cut out, and collaged back on – a technique that’s painstaking but that I love to this day and still use to make certain elements pop.

I don’t know what the writing says. I use writing as meditation in some paintings and do it in such a way as to conceal the message.

The backside of the painting is painted too. Another meditative art exercise, circles, drips, and playing with colors.

The minimum bid for the painting is $75. Minimum bid increment: $10. Please enter all bids as comments on the original blog post (below). Bidding concludes at 8pm CST.

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