Screetch Owl

Energy is a funny thing. Yesterday I was in such a great mood. Now the stars are doing weird stuff (eclipse and full moon, anyone?) people are acting a bit weird, and I feel seriously drained. Anyway, it wasn’t a good day at all, despite my best efforts, which included a trip to a beautiful water lily pond in the company of my friend, making cornbread pancakes again, and some gentle efforts to continue to get my space organized after the busy weekend. Well… The pancakes didn’t turn out as good, and the lilies were nice but didn’t chase away the blues. When I got home there was a package on my porch. I opened it and inside was the most beautiful framed print of a screech owl my friend sent me for Christmas. It’s so lovely! And so just what I needed! Owls have recently been a reoccurring presence in my life. I feel like they have a message and I haven’t deciphered it yet.

I hung the owl print by my bed to watch over me. Perhaps while I’m sleeping it will give me guidance.

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