Unicorn Brigade

Pretty good day: I made cornmeal pancakes for breakfast. I finally accomplished some of the cleaning and decluttering chores I’ve been putting off for a while. You know what’s satisfying? Sending a box of clothes you no longer want to ThredUp. I’ve shopped with them before, but I didn’t know sending them clothes was as easy as printing off a free mailing label, putting the clothes in a box, then having my mailman pick it up. If ThredUp ends up not buying the clothes, they will recycle them, so it’s a nice way for me to get rid of them while knowing they won’t end up in a landfill.

I felt very good after my bout of domesticity, so I sat down to paint some unicorn ornaments to give to some little girls I know. This led to an actual order of Christmas ornaments from one of my collectors, so you’ll see me painting more of these in the days ahead.

Also, my dog is really cute, isn’t she?

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