Art Walk Author Pop-Up

With the other authors: Kimber Fountain, Kathleen Maca, and Susan Baker

Today was the Author Pop-Up at the Tremont House in Galveston. Also Art Walk, and for me a very special day, as I had a group book one of my walking tours through AirBnb.

It was rainy but not too cold. Galveston is beautiful even on rainy days, but is it suitable for a walking tour? My group didn’t mind. We had a good time. There were children on the tour too. I had to ask if stories of drownings and hauntings would be appropriate. The mother said they were fine, and so I carried on and talked about bodies carried out to sea after the Storm of 1900. At this point one of the children said to me: “Did you know there are more dead bodies in the ocean than on land?” You can imagine how that got my writer’s mind churning. I told the kid that was one of the most interesting things I’ve heard all year.

Later, after the tour, after getting tacos by the cemetery, after the author pop-up, my friend and I walked around and briefly ran into some of our favorite people, out for Art Walk. I got offered a really exciting opportunity – which I’ll disclose more about when the time comes. And my friend shared some really good news. So all in all, I’d say this was a wonderful day and I’m happy to have made it back, late but safely, home to my dog. It’s raining in Houston too. I’m listening to it while writing and it sounds really nice.

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