When the Stars Align

So happy I got to install these Tiles in a very special home today

Sometimes the stars align and magic happens. One one of my last days before leaving for Barcelona, I got to see some of my favorite people and they all wanted fun colorful things from me, things ranging from unicorn ornaments to a house portrait, to two large acrylic on wood paintings, to some small abstracts. Ok, ok, some of them also just wanted me to drink champagne and eat sushi, which I will gladly do, but after a year that’s been challenging in many ways, it was wonderful to see that people really want my art and that I do add something fun, colorful, and exciting to their lives.

Here are two large paintings, both favorites of mine, that sold today and went to a beautiful home where some blank walls were waiting. Y’all, these were unexpected and very exciting sales for me! I can finally feel how all my hard work and patience over the last three years is starting to pay off. Here’s hoping Barcelona will be a big success!

After The Party – one of my favorite abstracts of all time

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