Cinderella Wants to Go to the Ball

That’s it, y’all! Tomorrow I leave for Barcelona. I’m 80% packed, have my travel documents including the Spanish health form complete with QR code, and seriously at this point just have to decide which yoga pants I want to wear on the plane. I was surprisingly calm and happy today, getting all sorts of last minute stuff taken care of and even finding time to have a fun dinner with a friend.

One thing I struggled with was whether to take my Cinderella painting with me or not. She does’t fit in my suitcases with the seascapes and other stuff, but after some input from some of my favorite people, I decided Cinderella deserves a trip to Barcelona – business class on Air France. I bubble wrapped her and intend on taking her on the plane with me. By the way, Cinderella in French is Cendrillon.

Doesn’t she look stunning? And since 24 years and counting of flying transatlantically twice a year have apparently taught me to worry about all kinds of potential travel mishaps, it does make me feel good to have her with me at all times. If the other paintings get lost or damaged, I’ll still get to hang Cinderella in my booth and show her off.

Holly’s going to the home of her other family. Penelope will be on her own but she’ll be ok.

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