Lucky Beans

I decided not only to stay home, because NYE is overrated even in regular years, but especially during a pandemic, but also to go to bed early and leave the lucky beans I’m planning to cook tomorrow soaking overnight. I also decided I might stay away from people until January 6th or so, in case Covid cases spike after tonight’s shenanigans. During this time I will finish working on my book and on the custom-made book signs I’ll be making for the release copies.

Speaking of books, I had some nice surprises today: Storms of Malhado won an award (see below), and Aimée sent me a check in the mail (actually G. Lee Gallery, where Glory Days is sold sent me a check). I took these things as a good omen for things to come.

Also, I took a short trip to Galveston today, where my friend and I, both recently tested and masked, walked on the beach and found a coconut. We chose to take that as a good omen as well.

It was also really good to see pelicans. I’d missed them. Did y’all know there are no pelicans in Malaga?

Oh, and Betty White died. What the fuck, 2021?!? How dare you? Bye now.

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