Today I felt pretty sleepy – though I’m hoping that by tomorrow my jet lag will be gone. I kept thinking of the fabulous flight attendant who took care of me in the first class cabin. I think today she had to fly back, and I’m sure she provided the same stellar service. How does she do it? Is she a magician? Interacting with her was one of my favorite parts of the experience – she was so amazingly good at her job, and so very charming! Definitely an inspiration in my own quest to provide people with a wonderful experience when they come to the gallery.

Anyway, jet lag and all, I did function today and got some useful things done. I went to HEB, wonderful wonderful HEB, to stock up on some basics and on the kinds of things a gal needs to make what counts as traditional new year’s fare in this part of the world: beans, collards, and cornbread for good luck and money and then some. Definitely experienced culture shock seeing people walk around the store with no masks on, but luckily it was not all the people.

Also, it was crazy hot out today, hot even for me. Tomorrow should be milder.

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