After the Show

Today I finally slept a little longer. Hardly anything is open here on Sundays, but I found a good bakery that is. Perhaps I’m eating too many pastries and too much bread, but, oh well. I like to sit in my living room, look out at my beautiful neighbor, the glorious Gaudí building across the street, and eat pastries in my pajamas.

In the evening, though, I attempted to be quite civilized. I went to the opera with one of the artists I met at the show. We saw Rigoletto. We then went to a classic Barcelona restaurant, Los Caracoles, and ate. I was a bit squeamish about it, but they were checking everyone’s vaccine certificate, so hopefully that was safe enough. I had two glasses of cava, then took the subway home and went straight to the rooftop terrace.

There’s a star on one of the Sagrada Familia towers, but it’s not lit yet. I think they’re lighting it on the 8th.

The people in the apartment next to mine have a dog and it keeps barking. I miss my dog.

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