Carrer Petritxol Revisited

Today I looked up an old friend of sorts – I revisited the gallery on Carrer Petritxol that sold some of my works on paper years ago when I had my first show here. The owner didn’t recognize me at first, then she looked up my file and remembered the Chanel girls. I didn’t bring all of the art for her to see, just my Barcelona-themed works. She liked the Tiles a lot, said they were very original, and so the Tiles stayed with her, as did some of my wrapped and matted works on paper. She was excited to hear that I’m a full-time artist now, and that made me happy. It was a good encounter, and I left feeling most uplifted.

It was time to visit other old friends too. My favorite restaurant, where the staff recognized me, was well worth taking my mask off and enjoying a meal. They do check everyone’s proof of vaccination, and these are smart people I actually trust, but for the most part I intend to keep enjoying my meals in my apartment. Which is why, at the end of the day, I took another walk down memory lane and revisited the very same supermarket where I used to shop 13 years ago. It’s changed a bit, but some things were still the same.

Tomorrow I will start working on the more ambitious task of placing the seascapes and Cinderella in local galleries. Also, time to reveal the destination of my upcoming trip and ask who’d like to learn about the commission opportunity associated with it? This commission, by the way, doesn’t so much have to do with the destination itself but rather with the positive energy generated by keeping a promise to oneself.

…and the mystery destination is Malaga!

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