Worth It

In which I hike up a mountain for this view, and it’s totally worth it. It had been a few years, maybe even a decade, since I’ve been to Parc Güell, but it was as lovely as ever. Also getting lost in my former neighborhood on my way there was pretty lovely too.

I stayed up way too late last night to take part in an online author event in the States, but obviously, book promotion is important. I was kind of sleepy today despite a lot of coffee. But I did good, emailing local galleries about my seascape paintings, and doing a few other things I needed to do.

In the end, I had a really good moment in Parc Güell looking at the panorama of the city below. It’s a place that has always made me feel hopeful.

Here’s hoping they find a home soon!
Orange trees in my former neighborhood
Gaudí’s dragon in Parc Güell. I’ve always loved him.
Plaça de la Virreina. Where my friends and I used to meet for drinks.
Good night, Cinderella! Tonight I might actually go to bed early.

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