Train to Malaga

I’m here! The journey took 6 hours on a very beautiful fast train that looked like a duck. There were several dogs on the train and one of them was not in its proper container so the conductor fussed at its human.

Handling my 3 suitcases wasn’t hard, and people helped me. The conductor did not fuss at me at all, and for that I was lucky because the girl with the improperly packed dog sure got an earful.

On the train they gave us sandwiches. One was foie gras, one was cheese, nuts, and RAISINS!!! 😳 But I ate them anyway and also ate the two very good ham sandwiches I’d bought in Barcelona, also the macarons my friend had brought me the other day.

The hotel is nice and I have access to a lovely rooftop terrace. I unpacked Cinderella and the seascapes and they seem to have traveled well. Tomorrow I will start exploring Malaga. Things I’m looking for: new boots, the love of my life, the perfect gallery to show my work. Chances are good I’ll find at least one of these things. 😉

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