Headed to Malaga

Once again, it’s time to pack! I’d rather have a delicious cold Spanish beer. But, as sad as it always is to leave Barcelona – especially my apartment with spectacular views – my trip to Malaga tomorrow is something I’ve been wanting to do for years! I don’t know why it’s so tempting to look back rather than forward, but we are all brave and magical and able to plunge excitedly into the unknown. Art and beer, of course, help. 😉

Before I go, two things:

Here’s a photo retrospective of how amazing my time in Barcelona and my participation in the international art festival was! If you’re following along, thank you for being here!

And finally, if you scroll all the way down, I have an amazing offer for you. I want you in my studio when I finally return home, talking and laughing and having an amazing time! I want to share with you some of the good energy from my trip and also talk about your dreams for the future, things you’re about to manifest! I want to make a painting just for you. And I also want to wine and dine you while you watch me paint, because that’s always fun! Read on to find out about this unique and wonderful special offer!

In my booth at Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona
Cinderella had fun at the party but she’s still looking for her prince (or princess!)
When the view from my apartment matches my art
There were advertisements for the show all over town!
I ate these creatures after a brief struggle in the kitchen
My top collectors, Bob and Rosa Pollard having fun in my studio while I was creating the art for FIABCN. This is my favorite picture ever! I want more of this please! I want you hanging out in my studio enjoying yourself while I paint too. #purpose #happy #moreplease
How about it? I would love to share this experience with you!

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