Add Some Magic

After yesterday’s full day of exploring and enjoying the city, today was low-key, with a short walk, some grocery shopping, and time spent in my hotel suite doing work. Some of it consisted in filling out an interview form I agonized over, but a lot of the work I did was fun creative stuff, learning to add some magic to my book promotion efforts. Look at these two videos I made today! I am so proud of them. Also, isn’t it wild that in today’s day and age there are magical hand-held devices that allow us to create and edit complex videos? Seriously tripping about this!

Also, it’s a full moon tonight. So intention-setting is appropriate. Time to go to my rooftop terrace and look at the beautifully lit Moorish castle and the moon while putting out into the Universe my intentions for more people to discover my books.

Reading the beginning of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard
From the beginning of Galveston 1922

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