Cat and the Sea

Possibly the best thing I’ve seen all year is this cat looking out to the Mediterranean Sea. I wonder if it was thinking of all the fish, or just enjoying the moment.

I took a really long walk today, all along the boardwalk, until I got to a cute little village. If I lived here I’d like to live there in a tiny house overlooking the sea.

Which brings me to the big question: Do I still want to move to Malaga? I’ve now been here a week, and each day it feels better. Each day I love it more. There’s something in the air, and I can feel the potential. For now, I miss my dog and my friends, and I’ve made plans to return home soon-ish, but yeah, I could totally see myself living here. Perhaps once the pandemic’s fully over I might come back and try to make some friends. People are friendly but I’m hesitant to step into crowded places or socialize right now. For now, like the cat by the sea, I just like to watch from a safe distance and contemplate all the possibilities.

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