The Countdown Is On!

This is it, y’all! I have finished the tedious tedious edits to the manuscript and uploaded it to Amazon. The ebook should be live by Saturday, a week from today. The hardcover book is the next step, and I’ve started playing with ideas for its design but will give myself a little break before doing all the formatting. I’m reading a book I like, still enjoying TikTok, and doing comforting things like baking Turkish spinach pie and bread pudding made with cornbread. And hiding from Omicron, of course, which is not a bad way to get oneself to finish working on a book and actually put it out there.


  1. Congratulations! And I just haven’t been putting 2+2 together to realize this book was ready for press, so we missed including it in our January Texas Books Preview on Lone Star Lit. Email me & maybe we can include it when the hardcover comes out? LOVE the cover and premise.

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