Ghost Girls

I decided to make a series of small paintings inspired by June, the ghost girl in my new novel, Galveston 1922, to be unveiled during my book release party. This is the first one. She’s really cool, her skin is sort of translucent and her dress is very shiny.

I also worked a lot on my website today. These are small changes, but things that needed to be done and which, in time, will hopefully have a big impact.

In the evening, Holly dragged me along on a long walk which ended up being quite enjoyable. I saw both Mardi Gras decorations and Chinese lanterns for the Lunar new year displayed on porches throughout the neighborhood. I’m tempted to go to the Chinese supermarket to buy stuff to make lots of dumplings. Also oranges. 🍊 I know you’re supposed to have at least 6 oranges in the house for the lunar new year. I’m still stuck in Retrograde, but I know it’s bound to end soon, and the Year of the Tiger will start around the same time and bring new energy. Perhaps it’s time to get ready.

I wish I were in Chinatown in NYC like I was 2 years ago when the Year of the Rat started. Hopefully by next year this pandemic will be over and done with and I can greet the lunar new year there with Chinese buns and Hong Kong milk tea for breakfast and dragons dancing in the streets.

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