Another Ghost Girl

Made another small ghost girl painting for the release party of Galveston 1922. Went on an adventure as well. I needed Chinese lanterns of my own, and Houston has some excellent Asian supermarkets. I got noodles, dumpling wrappers, salmon, spices, and lots of fresh veggies while I was at it too. The lanterns were more expensive than I’d bargained for, but once I got them home I understood why. They’re pretty sturdy and made out of red satin. They look great on my porch. After all, this is a 1920s bungalow, and the Asian aesthetic was very sought after in the 1920s. I’m glad I bought the lanterns and they already brought me luck. Some good things happened today, new opportunities knocking. Perhaps the energy of the Year of the Tiger is beginning to manifest. Tomorrow I will buy oranges too. And ground pork and ginger to put into my dumplings. For some reason I couldn’t find ground pork at the Asian market. Go figure.

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