The End of an Era

…which invariably means the beginning of a new one! And I’m not talking about this sweet little ghost girl, though true to form, everything connects.

I’m talking about my favorite carousel horse and loyal friendly companion during the pandemic, the one and only Matilda.

You know how much I love Matilda, and I don’t want to part with her, but I also want more people to see and enjoy her, and I want her to eventually find a good home. So I will take Matilda to Galveston to be displayed in a lovely shop called A Grain of Sand, along with furniture, decor items, and beautiful gifts. Rumor has it there’ll even be an actual vintage carousel horse in there. Perhaps they will romance each other? It’s a store I know Matilda’s friends will enjoy visiting when they’re on the Island.

Obviously, I’ll miss her, but hopefully her departure signals the end of this long and frustrating pandemic. As a hopeful gesture, I’ve agreed to see a friend tomorrow. I’ve been hiding for a few months. Perhaps, just like Matilda, I need a little more social interaction.

Guess who else is going to A Grain of Sand. Unless someone claims her before I drive her there this weekend.

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