Thank You for the Giraffe

One of my goals this year is to connect with more of my neighbors and make sure that they know … More

Full Moon Craziness

Yesterday I was mighty sad, missing the dead people from my dreams, but today I woke up and it was … More

1920s Glamour

Inspired by a photo shoot a friend of mine did recently. If you’re lucky you know her, or maybe you … More

Fun New Things

Here’s the first in a series of paintings inspired by Fashion Week. It’s a mix of acrylic and oil on … More

A Big Pink Painting

A good day. Long sunny walk with a friend. Meeting some new neighbors. Art supplies arriving. Painting. Writing. Food. My … More

Mardi Gras Special

Here’s another assortment of 6 Tiles in Mardi Gras colors, though this looks very different from the one I showed … More

Pawnshop Bicycle

It was so nice out today and I had to go to the postoffice to send off a book order … More

Guess Who

The weather was beautiful, and although I had to complete the most mundane of errands – oil change 🙄 – … More

Walking Around

Today was a good day for walking around the neighborhood. It was also a good day for feeling inspired. I … More