Winter Is Coming

Y’all this is not good: winter is coming to Texas once again. Of course, after last year’s ordeal, here in Houston we’re preparing for the worst. Things I might have panic bought in the past 24 hours: an arctic grade sleeping bag, a camping stove that’s safe to use indoors and lots of sterno thingies to fuel it with, shelf stable milk (though if my home gets turned into a giant freezer, the regular milk shouldn’t spoil), tons of cans of tuna, a thermal rug for my cold floors. I’ve also saved 4 days’ worth of water for me and the dog.

Now for the fun part. I want to make sure y’all are good and your homes are properly insulated. I’d be happy to come install some sturdy wood panels coated in several layers of protective paint to add a bit more padding to your walls. In addition to providing an extra layer of protection against the elements, these panels are also useful in case of a power outage. They have iridescent and gold accents that will shine beautifully under the beam of your flashlights or in the soft glow of candles. I only have a few of them in stock, but would be happy to install them for you tomorrow. Please see below for some of the styles currently available.

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