The Last of the Ghost Girls

Here’s the last one in my series of ghost girls. She’s wearing a fox stole, something that was fashionable in the 1920s, but seems a bit off putting today if it still has glass eyes and such.

My own silver fox coat, a much more modern creation, without the dreaded glass eyes, of course, proved to me once more just how resilient it is. I took a long walk in the afternoon. It was a nice walk, despite the cold, good for my body and mind. But I got caught in the freezing rain on my way back. The silver fox got wet. At home, I draped it on a chair and called my aunt to ask what to do. She said maybe brush it, but we got to having a long conversation and I forgot. The fox dried perfectly on its own and looks as fabulous as ever. I guess foxes in the forest get wet too.

It’s really cold out. 31F at the moment. So far we have power, so here’s hoping. The arctic sleeping bag arrived just in time, and so did my other supplies. Let’s hope I won’t have to use them.

And we’re still planning on having the book party on Saturday, despite the cold. Besides, the worst of it will be behind us by then and people will be looking for something fun to do.

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