Ready for the Book Party!

I was elated this morning to wake up to a warm house and warm dog. The power stayed on, the pipes did not freeze, and all seemed right with the world. It was finally time to get excited about my book release party tomorrow! Did y’all know that although this is my eighth book, this is my very first book party? Good job scheduling it during a freeze and a pandemic, but with my fur coat, mask, and flask, I feel quite prepared.

Speaking of my other books, I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Storms of Malhado all day long (I feel compelled to listen to it whenever the weather does something weird), and I love it so much! In a way, I feel like the narration made it real, combined what I created with someone else’s creation and made it come to life. I want to record some of my other books too! Might need another Kickstarter.

Also, here’s a secret…

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Does Penelope have a drinking problem?

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