Mixed Media Abstract for Auction

Kali’s Playground, created in 2012, is a powerful mixed media piece addressing the theme of destruction and reinvention. The painting measures 30×40 inches and is made up of acrylic paint, yarn, and found objects on canvas.

The retail value of this work is $2,400, however the minimum auction bid is $800 with $50 bid increments. All bids must be entered as comments on this blog post (below). Bidding concludes at 4pm on Sunday March 27th.

Kali’s Playground is a perfect piece to tie into the celebration of Storms of Malhado, as both the painting and the book address the transformative power of destruction and the idea of reinventing oneself, of rebirth and renovation.

In that hopeful spirit of overcoming devastation and rebuilding, 25% of the proceeds from this sale will go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to benefit Ukrainian refugees.

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