Nancy’s Book Is an International Success

Today I had my first international order for Never Kiss Anyone, the booklet of Pointer wisdom in Nancy’s voice. So, not only is she now famous in the Heights, but someone will be reading about her in the UK.

To celebrate I went out for breakfast at my favorite new outdoor café. Then I explored the shops along 19th Street, something I hadn’t done since before the pandemic. I got delicious smelling candles for the gallery at Manready Mercantile, and introduced myself to the people working at Dramatika, a frame shop my collectors have had very good experiences with, and where I intend to send them in the future when they buy works on paper.

Like yesterday, my day once again felt hopeful. I love being able to socialize and network, and all the possibilities this opens up!

Another picture from last week’s event for Better Parks for Galveston. I love the concentrated look on my face!

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