Art Walk Book Signing

Today I had a book signing at G. Lee Gallery in Galveston. I got to talk to lots of people and there were many wonderful moments. There were funny moments too: I inadvertently tried to sell a book about a prostitute to a pastor.

Some people had already read my books – Glory Days tends to be a favorite! – and a few others had seen them advertised online, while others didn’t know about them until today. All in all, it was a great experience connecting with readers old and new.

Side note: Amazon recently made some changes in the ways it allows authors to access sales reports and I’ve gained some new information. Since I published my first novel in 2013, I have sold over 21,000 copies of my books online through Amazon (this does not include books I ordered directly from the printers and sold myself or through various stores). The figure gave me pause and made me feel excited. 21,000 books is a lot of books for an indie author, but I have every intention to keep going.

I also got to visit Matilda at A Grain of Sand

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