New Feathers

The full moon has been intense. My poor little dog who normally sleeps soundly didn’t sleep well last night, and as a result neither did I. She woke me up really early and there was this moment where I felt deeply sad that we cannot truly communicate. I didn’t know what to do for her so I took her outside.

I was tired throughout most of the day and a bit cranky, a bit sad too. I read a post from the Houston Arboretum in which they explained that this time of year many birds are bald because they’re shedding feathers and growing new ones. For some reason that resonated with me. Perhaps I’m growing new feathers too.

In the evening my friend and I went walking along the Buffalo Bayou. We didn’t see a lot of birds but we saw two rabbits. After our long walk we went to the store and bought cherries. They were delicious.

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