1920s Ghost Girl

I have a secret: I’m totally hooked on Elin Hilderbrand novels, which I love to listen to, sometimes several times over, and I always eagerly await the release of a new one. I have never been to Nantucket, but I know the names of streets, neighborhoods, beaches, and restaurants because of Elin’s books. Sometimes I think I must visit that island that’s so very different from my Island, though in some ways similar. But I’m hesitant to visit too, because I like that this is a place that exists for me in Elin Hilderbrand novels, and I’m also aware that my perceptions of it are filtered through my own imagination.

Anyway, Elin just released a new book! I’m listening to The Hotel Nantucket and guess what? One of the characters is a ghost who died in 1922! Just like my ghost girl, June in my new novel. Elin doesn’t usually write about ghosts, so this feels very serendipitous and special.

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