Vermut at the Beach

Today my friend took me to a beautiful beach. Not a beach on the Mediterranean like in Barcelona, but one where we could swim in the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean waters are very cold here. Which is great for the seafood, but not so good for swimming. Except I did swim. After a few unsuccessful attempts of getting into the cold water, I did finally get in and found it extremely enjoyable. And after a good swim, my friend and I changed into dry clothes and went to enjoy the wonderful appetizer drink we love – el vermut. Which is sweet vermouth but like a special kind of sweet vermouth they serve in bars in Spain. And since swimming makes you hungry, we feasted on seafood, croquettes, and then some.

Later, at home, we rested, showered, put on pretty dresses, and went for a nice, long walk, to explore Vigo. It’s a beautiful city with many interesting facets, and it’s relaxed and not crowded, which feels really good right about now.

By the way, are y’all watching my TikToks about the trip?

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