Lola Is Never Drinking Again – Coming Soon

I’ve been working on my next Galveston novel ever so slowly. I’m now done with draft #2, which means tons of work is still to be done (I like to do about 7 drafts or so, and there’s input from my historical expert and my editor yet to seek out). But it also means that the book is starting to feel real to me and that I’m starting to become enthralled by its beauty. I didn’t really think this would be so, but y’all, this might become the most beautiful novel I’ve written.

It’s set in the 1980s, and personally I don’t like that aesthetic much. Shoulder pads and hairspray? Gross! On the Island there was lots of partying and a scarcity of pelicans due to pollution. We’re lucky the beautiful birds have since come back. So I wasn’t sure this story, set in my least favorite decade, would be magical, but it surprised me. Hopefully it will surprise you too.

When should you expect to read it? Unless you’re one of my beta readers (do you want to be?), hopefully May of 2023.

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