Matilda Is Back

It’s official! Matilda the Vintage carousel horse is back in the gallery, but the question still remains: Am I back to blogging? I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing and reflecting lately. This past week I got together with some of my favorite people in Galveston and together we said goodbye to Ronnie. We shared stories and pictures, listened to old voice messages, cried at visitation, sat together in church, and rode in a big procession past the store and then all the way to a beautiful cemetery full of live oaks and Spanish moss. We hugged his daughter and son in law, smiled at the baby, and ate on Sunday at the restaurant which was full of flowers. We were there for each other as best we could, and through it all we were keenly aware of just how precious memories of loved ones are, how one should go the extra mile to preserve them.

So yes, I wish to return to the blog as a keeper of memories. But I might have to ease back into it. Some days get very busy. At times there is so much to share I get overwhelmed. The break I took from blogging happened during a very busy time, a time of selling lots of art, meeting new people, finally getting past my fear of Covid, and just in general being very active. I plan to stay this active, but I always want to make sure I leave enough room in my life for reflection.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the past few days: The flowers at Ronnie’s shop, my favorite little redhead with all her spice swag, the sweet little house Holly and I stayed in on the Island, me finally seeing my art framed at the Tremont House, and finally making some carousel horse friends for Matilda. Speaking of, please let me know if you know anyone with children who should come see these horsies. I’m determined to get a bunch of kids in here to see Matilda & friends.

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