Sad Reindeer

This sad reindeer is inspired by a window display I saw in Galveston today. I was down there to give one of my walking tours. It rained and was cold and the alley we were supposed to walk through was flooded. I was afraid the tourists who had signed up wouldn’t show up, but they did, and the tour was fun despite the rain.

Afterwards the sky cleared up. It was sunny and beautiful. Galveston weather can be changeable like that. It was a good day. My friend and I had Thai soup after the tour. We also stopped by to see Cruz, Ronnie’s good friend. But of course it felt awful that I couldn’t go tell Ronnie about my adventures on the tour like I used to before. Still, I feel like he’d be proud of me for going out there despite the rain.

Later, in the afternoon in Houston, after painting the reindeer I felt melancholic again. I am a bit apprehensive about the weekend ahead, hoping people will come see my carousel horses – and the sad reindeer too.

At times such as these, it’s nice if the Universe gives one a wink. Tonight when I walked the dog, I saw one of the tiny owls that live in the neighborhood. It was my best owl sighting so far, and I really like to think it means something.

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