Tiny Ornaments

I’ve been working on some tiny ornaments featuring cute animals – including the owl I saw last night. I’m excited about the big shopping weekend ahead, though also a bit anxious. As for Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow, I’m not doing anything. I’ll make cornbread dressing, which is my favorite Thanksgiving side, and I’ll keep preparing the gallery for people to come shop on Friday. I’ll do this while listening to audiobooks and trying not to feel blue. I don’t even know why I would feel blue, since spending a quiet day by myself is exactly what I needed. I guess the festive spirit floating in the air this time of year always gets to me. I don’t like the holidays at all and I never have.

But you know what I do like? These little ornaments and the idea of giving someone an ornament as a gift, so that each year when they unpack and hang it they think of you.

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