I Do It for the Horses

Random horse sighting in Galveston today

I need to remember today and how magical it was because it really puts in perspective how lucky I am to get to go to Galveston and give walking tours. I got to the Island early. The sun was shining, which was lovely because the forecast had been dicey. I had enough time to spare to stop by the Texas Star bakery on Broadway – something I’d been wanting to do for a long time now. Inside it smelled of tamales. I had to buy some. The family asked if I might be interested in purchasing the bakery, and I really loved the thought of that. Might revisit the idea later. Not that I can afford a bakery right now nor really need one, but a gal can dream!

Then I sat on a curb with my fancy boots on that are a little cracked by now and easily get wet, and ate tamales for breakfast with my hands. I realized that that moment truly encapsulates the essence of who I am, and the thought made me happy.

I gave my first walking tour of the day and it was a lot of fun. Then I stopped by Eiband’s to inquire about a vintage carousel horse I saw in the window. The store is closing so I asked how much the horse was. Generally they’re very expensive. But they said I could have it for $25 in cash. I had a $20 and a $2 bill John gave me a while ago for good luck. They let me have the horse. It’s hollow inside, so I carried it to my car. It’s nice to have a horsie in the car. Also, sometimes you have to spend a lucky $2 bill. It’s my special horse emergency fund.

Later, I shared the rest of the tamales with my friend. We also had cups of gumbo and red beans and rice at Maceo’s and checked on Ronnie’s chickens.

Then we saw a beautiful white horse in an alley sort of and that was Everything.

I gave another walking tour, and drove home to have ginger tea and go to bed early. I’m exhausted, but I do it for the horses.

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